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alcohol and intuitive eating: part two

Alcohol in intuitive eating can be tricky to navigate for many reasons including that unlike food, alcohol isn’t necessary. But the goal of recovery and/or healing your relationship with food is return to or create a life in which you can live by your values and not let food and body control your life. Alcohol may or may not be part of this equation. In my practice, I see various ways diet culture has influenced people’s decision to drink (or not to drink). If you need proof, see the alarming number of restaurants that are adding “light & fresh” cocktail sections to their menus (more on that in a bit). The goal of intuitive eating is to unlearn diet culture and figure out what makes sense for you. Before diet culture took hold, was a glass of wine with dinner something you enjoyed? Did you enjoy going out for a few drinks with friends? Were brewery tours something you looked forward to?

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alcohol and eating disorder recovery: part one

Alcohol in recovery is a topic I’ve been meaning to tackle for awhile and a question I get frequently on social media and during my one-on-one sessions with clients. Is it safe to drink in recovery? How does alcohol fit in my meal plan? How do I navigate alcohol and intuitive eating? After a little bit of thought, I’ve decided I’m going to break this down into two posts: the first (the one you’re reading right now!) will address alcohol specifically in the context of eating disorder recovery and the second (which will be published next week) will address alcohol in the context of intuitive eating. Although there are many similarities, there are some nuances between the two that I think are worth distinguishing between.

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