Vegas Week Recap

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I was away on vacation last week. I spent a few days in Vegas and one in the Grand Canyon and it was wonderful. As I mentioned in my last post, this was my first vacation in years which meant it was the first vacation I went on where food was a total nonissue and I wasn't worried about what my body looked like which was a complete blessing (and something I genuinely never thought I would say). There was no trying to compensate for food I ate during the trip either before or after. There was no forcing myself into early morning runs down the strip (there was no runs at all, as a matter of fact). There was no counting calories. There were just days and days of good company and good food. 

Sushi burritos from Jaburrito's

Sushi burritos from Jaburrito's

I think it's impossible to choose the best thing I ate while there but I will say the sushi burritos hit it out of the park. Sushi? Delicious. Burritos? Amazing. Together? A gift from the gods (okay, maybe that's a little dramatic but not really). I believe this one had spicy tuna (my favorite kind of sushi), shrimp tempura and crab with avocado and rice and Romaine and something else I can't, probably. It was amazing and the fact that the weather in Vegas was warm enough to eat it outside made it even better. We went back to the same place a few days later for sushi cupcakes as a snack (yeah, those exist). Okay, I know I said I couldn't pick the best food we ate while we were there but it was totally the sushi burritos. The best drink we had while there my sister & I ordered on the first night. We got watermelon mojitos at this Mexican place and while I was pretty skeptical because I don't like artificial watermelon flavor, it was delicious. No artificial watermelon flavor here, just refreshing and sweet and delicious. We had a lot of other tasty drinks while we were there but that one definitely took the cake (no picture because we had it after 12 hours of traveling and I was exhausted).


Vegas was great (albeit tiring and expensive) but visiting the Grand Canyon was definitely the highlight of the trip. If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list if it's not already. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect for walking along the trail and taking approximately one boatload of pictures. The view is awe-inspiring and for someone who has lived her whole life in the crammed, people and buildings everywhere East Coast (New England specifically), it was wild just to drive out there with hundreds of miles of uninterrupted road and landscape. It was a lot of fun and also a little scary that there's no fences or anything around most of it- maybe it's just because I'm a grade A worrier but I was a little nervous the whole time that someone was going to topple in- I know, I know, that's an irrational fear. 


One thing I want to make a note of is that because there are so many opportunities for good food in Vegas, I sometimes ate things that I wasn't necessarily hungry for but didn't want to pass up the opportunity to eat. Like on the last day we were there, we had some time to kill before we went to the airport and my sister suggested getting gelato. I wasn't particularly hungry but I very rarely get the chance to eat gelato and it's something I really enjoy. So I ate it anyway. I think one thing that happens when we talk about intuitive eating is that it gets boiled down to "eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full" when really it's so much more than that. Intuitive Eating actually makes a point to mention that satisfaction and pleasure are a part of normal eating- so while my body didn't neccessarily crave gelato in that moment, I found a lot of pleasure in eating it (half coffee/half speculoos was a winning combo). There's no need to feel guilty and there's no need to worry about being a "perfect" intuitive eater. Perfect doesn't exist and by striving for it, we're just defeating the purpose of intuitive eating which is rooted in flexibility, self-compassion, and gentleness. 

As much as I enjoyed our trip, I'm happy to be home this week because I love my comfy bed and I love my routines. Being away also re-energized me a bit so I've been making more time for writing and other work I've been putting off this week. One of my intentions for the blog this year was to share a bit more of my personal life. I realized that when I had been writing on Sundaes for the Soul, nearly all my blogs were personal and I do that less so here. But I gotta say, I miss it so I'm going to be sharing a bit more of my personal life with you here (like this blog post) because that's what I like to read from my favorite bloggers (ImmaEatThat and The Real Life RD come to mind) and I hope that's what you like too. Let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon, 
Meghan xo