Finding Freedom Series

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Finding Freedom Series


A 30-day challenge to help you move towards food & body freedom.

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The Finding Freedom Series is a 30-day series that guides you toward food and body freedom. Each day, there's a challenge or prompt based around food peace or body image. Unlike my former programs, these all can be done at your own pace- there's no set schedule and no timeline so you can move through the series in the 30 days or you can take a couple extra days on the topics that feel tricky or skip a few days if life gets in the way. There's no right or wrong way to participate. 

The series touches on each of the ten tenets of intuitive eating and also brings in principles of body acceptance, self-compassion and food peace. It's a perfect way to introduce yourself to intuitive eating if it's a new concept or to strengthen your skills. It's designed for anyone at any stage of recovery/healing from an unhealthy relationship to food/body/movement so don't worry about that you're not there yet or mostly recovered- this is meant to supplement healing regardless of where you are on your journey. This can be done on your own or on social media- I highly recommend buying a journal to reflect in each day and if you choose to share on social media, there will be hashtag that will aggregate posts from everyone participating so you can offer support, encouragement and ask each other questions. You'll also gain access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other participants.

Still unsure? This is what people are saying about my programs:

"I spent a year looking at body positivity instas, trying to convince myself that it was for me too, that I could learn to let go of the rules, learn to intuitively eat. Joining this program showed me how I could actually do it. It’s a long process but this was a real start - daily prompts and challenges that help you to question your own beliefs and support as you challenge your experience with your body and food. If you’ve been looking at body positivity and wondering how you can really begin your journey, this is it."
- January Redux participant

"I can truly say I feel happier & have more compassion for my body and my relationship with food than like....ever in my life, probably, and I know this has a lot to do with that. So THANK YOU MEGHAN!"
January Redux participant

Ready to start? When you purchase this series, you'll get an email delivered straight to your inbox with a beautiful 14-page PDF outlining all 30 days. Have questions? Feel free to contact me - I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Note: This is not meant as substitute for treatment from a medical professional. Although I am a a dietitian, this is not meant to replace one-on-one nutrition counseling. This is designed to be an introduction to intuitive eating & body acceptance and/or a supplement in addition to treatment.