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How do I know if nutrition therapy is right for me?

In my experience, if you're wondering whether it's the right time to start working with a dietitian, it's probably the right time. If you've gotten to the place you're thinking about it, you've identified that there's something in your relationship with food that isn't feeling right. Maybe you've fallen down that Google rabbit hole more times than you care to admit looking for answers that never feel quite right. Maybe every food decision means doing endless mental gymnastics only to feel guilty or unsatisfied afterward. Maybe you're just curious about what it would be like to have more support with food. If any of this sounds like you, it might be the right time to pursue nutrition therapy. 

What does can I expect sessions to look like?

Expect to be met with compassion, curiosity, and maybe some humor. During our initial intake, we're getting to know each other. I'll be curious to hear about your history with food & nutrition and ask you some questions about your medical history and lifestyle; you'll be invited to ask me questions too if you have them. Together, we'll come up with some goals to guide us in our work moving forward. Follow up sessions are individualized to what feels helpful to you - oftentimes, we'll be talking about previously discussed goals, diving in to what's been feeling challenging since our last session, or celebrating wins. We might also be brainstorming meal/snack ideas, writing grocery lists, discussing ways to challenge food rules, exploring body image, getting curious about how emotions impact food decisions, among other things. Along the way, I'll be providing relevant education, skills, strategies, and a place to process some of the complicated feelings around your body.

What do I need for our first session?

Prior to our first session, you'll receive a link to the platform I use for video calls, paperwork, billing, and scheduling. Before our first session, it'll be helpful to get set up there and complete the new client paperwork. For our virtual session, I recommend having a quiet, private space to call from, a good internet connection, your favorite beverage, and maybe a notepad to jot down anything that might be helpful during session (completely optional - I'll email you the important stuff). If you're coming in person, make sure that you have completed the paperwork online or have a printed copy with you. And this might go without saying for a dietitian appointment but just to be clear - you're always welcome to eat a meal or snack in session if we're meeting during lunch hour or you're just hungry! 

I've worked with a dietitian/nutritionist before and it didn't feel helpful. Will this be different?

I want to change my relationship with food; I'm also scared to make changes. is that okay?

Not only is this okay, this is completely normal. If the changes felt easy, you probably wouldn't need the support in making them. I'm here to meet you where you're at - whether you're navigating a new diagnosis or on a years long road to recovery. We'll move at a pace that feels manageable for you and I'll be checking in along the way to make sure that things are feeling doable and realistic for your life. My hope is that I provide a space where you feel comfortable being open and honest if a recommendation doesn't feel right or a particular goal feels unrealistic right now so we can talk about the barriers and re-evaluate our plan.


New Moon Nutrition is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Harvard Pilgrim insurances. Every plan is different and I provide a script for verifying benefits in my new client paperwork. If you do not have one of these insurance plans, I recommend calling your insurance carrier and seeing if you may be able to get reimbursed for out-of-network services; if so, I can provide a superbill that you can submit for reimbursement. If finances are a barrier to receiving care, I maintain a few sliding scale spots in my practice. Contact me for more information.


I am currently licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Utah. I am able to practice in a handful of other states including but not limited to New York, Pennsylvania, California, and New Jersey. Please contact me to see if I can practice in your particular state. Please note I cannot practice outside of the United States.

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