Ways to Work Together

Food doesn't have to feel so complicated.

eating disorders

pregnancy & postpartum

weight-inclusive care

Working one-on-one allows us to dive deep into your relationship with food, explore your goals & barriers, and create a plan to get you where you want to go.

1:1 nutrition

Healing happens in community. All groups will be held virtually and will be listed here as they become available. 

support groups

I love supporting other providers as they navigate entrepreneurship, need help with complicated cases, or are looking for more skills to treat eating disorders.

supervision & consultation

All bodies are welcome here.

New Moon Nutrition is committed to providing fat-positive, Health at Every Size®-informed, LGBTQ+ - affirming, neurodivergent-affirming, social justice informed care. We believe all bodies are good bodies and all people deserve safety.

-Former client

I’ve worked with Meghan for over two years after a long struggle with an eating disorder. I can honestly say my work with Meghan has helped me take more steps towards healing than I thought possible. Meghan has supported me through many major life events, most recently including pregnancy and postpartum, and she has helped me navigate not only the practicalities related to food, but the emotional component as well. Meghan has always shown up with curiosity and compassion, not judgment, and has a way of sifting through the chaos to help me find my own motivation for recovery.

I cannot recommend Meghan highly enough if you’re currently struggling with an eating disorder or just want to explore your relationship with food and body.


I started meeting with Meghan because of struggling with binge eating and other eating disorder behaviors. I thought she was really understanding, sensitive and helpful. She keeps an open mind and is always sensitive of other issues and identities that can play a role in food and overall wellness. She's very understanding of those with bigger bodies and promotes health at every size. We built a great relationship and I felt comfortable with her, which can be hard for me. She was great to work with and super helpful.


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